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Connectivity? PiNTeam can help

iOT – Internet of Things has opened the doors to new possibilities where every device can connect, transact and commute. Few innovative technologies have made this possible and beacon, iBeacon and BLE (Bluetooth low energy) devices are among them. PiNTeam has jumped into this trend and made this technology an import part of our services.


Preconditioning solution

The biggest challenge in vehicle preconditioning is to find the optimal time to start it: enabling the heating up or cooling down of the cabin room and the battery without reducing the driving range of the vehicle. Low energy consumption is especially important for battery electric vehicles, since it impacts their autonomy. PiNTeam developed for DENSO an innovative solution to provide efficient thermal pre-conditioning in electric vehicles, for both the cabin, offering maximum comfort to the user with low energy consumption, and the powertrain, improving the driving range of the vehicle.

More details you can find here: www.optemus.eu


One of the greatest focus points in location-based technologies introduced to interaction design is how much attention you want a user to be paying to your app. PiNTeam Connectivity develops standalone applications using iBeacons for this purpose and also uses them for our integrated solution for automotive customers.


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