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Every line of code we write at PiNTeam is driven by our passion for pushing further our understanding of new embedded technologies and assisting our customers on reaching their goals smoothly. We achieve this by handling our work with professionalism, keeping an open and straightforward communication with our customers and focusing on working efficiently in order to deliver high-quality solutions.

PiNTeam has been providing industry-leading consulting services in automotive engineering since 2013. Our team’s vast experience in embedded projects and AUTOSAR-compliant developments has contributed to build a solid customer base among Tier-1 and Tier-2 companies located mainly in the south of Germany and now we aim for expanding to the rest of Europe and beyond. In 2017 we joined AUTOSAR ORG as Associate Partner.


As a result of identifying certain unfulfilled needs in the industry for working more efficiently, our team has also developed the tools

Feel free to navigate through our website and contact us to find out detailed information about our competences and products. We hope that they suit well with what you are looking for!


Embedded Software

Each automotive embedded software project includes specific requirements and challenges. Our team provides long-term experience in developing embedded solutions for the domains powertrain, body, chassis and infotainment. We provide deep knowhow and deliver efficient solutions for your project.

AUTOSAR Integration

Our core AUTOSAR engineers provide more than 10 years of experience in developing, integrating and testing AUTOSAR ECU software.

We deliver know-how to our customers for

  • Developing the best basic software solution for a project
  • Integrating an efficient and seamless toolchain for iterative production software development
  • Migrating AUTOSAR projects starting from AUTOSAR 2.x versions up to the newest AUTOSAR 4.x family
  • Creating software architectures taking the project requirements concerning safety, security, resource efficiency and realtime into account
  • Developing and integrating whole AUTOSAR embedded software projects


Professional tools for simplifying recurrent work in automotive software development

PiNTeam offers products that support you saving valuable time when dealing with recurrent work packages in the automotive software development process.


Easily create and deliver your custom GUNITs

  • Full-featured configuration editors

  • Create custom validation rules
  • Bundling and export support for GUNITs

  • State-of-the-art based on Eclipse

  • and more

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Easily configure GUNITs in your project and generate code

  • Installation and update support of GUNITs

  • Powerful live validation
  • Full-featured configuration editors
  • Automatic code generation

  • State-of-the-art based on Eclipse

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Calculate the complexity of ECUs based on AUTOSAR architecture

  • Easy to use

  • Create a custom report, based on your needs

  • Support for different report file formats

  • AUTOSAR version independent

  • and more

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PiNTeam GmbH

Marius Pintea, CEO

Marius Pintea, CEO

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Email : info@pinteam.eu

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