What is KYOTO?

Professional and smart tool platform for the easy re-use of custom modules

AUTOSAR Complex Driver, Hardware Abstraction Components, Applications and NON-AUTOSAR modules are implemented and customized for individual projects very often. KYOTO offers more efficiency for follow-up projects with same CDDs.

The automated workflow of KYOTO for AUTOSAR and also non-AUTOSAR software platforms improves the reusability of the module in respect of quality, cost and resources. All templates, validation rules and configuration models created with KYOTO are based on open standards and can also be processed without KYOTO.


Load and customize GUNITs and generate source code

KYOTO CONFIGURATOR offers the possibility of importing existing GUNITs. The powerful mechanisms of KYOTO CONFIGURATOR enables the GUNITs to work out of the box, including full editor support for customizing and live validating the complete configuration. To support a professional continuous delivery process, KYOTO CONFIGURATOR supports updating yet installed GUNITs easily.

Beside validating and testing mechanisms, KYOTO CONFIGURATOR comes with a fully integrated code generator, based on OMG’s MOFM2T, which uses the configuration and the GUNIT’s templates for automatized code generation of your software module.

  • Easily install and update GUNITs

  • Easily customizing module configurations with editor support

  • Code generation based on OMG’s standard MOFM2T technology

  • Add custom validation rules based on Groovy

  • Data management compatible with AUTOSAR-models

  • Use of established standards doesn’t lock customers into the use of KYOTO

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